How does this all work?

Scooter Camp is the worlds only 100% all inclusive Camp which means all you have to do is book your airplane ticket and we take care of the rest! After you have made your reservation you will then receive an email from us (sometimes the email go to the spam folders so be sure to check if you didn’t get it) to walk you thru the next steps. It’s super easy.

1. Register for camp
2. Book your flight
3. Send us your flight info
4. We pick you up and drop you off at the airport
5. Chill and enjoy the best week of your life

How does the airport service work?

We are the only Camp in the world to offer an airport service where we pick you up and drop you off at the airport. All parents have to do is book a flight.

The local Airport is Malaga (AGP) Spain. Campers flights should booked to arrive on the morning of the first day of the camp and the leave/depart on the afternoon/evening of the last day. Camp will start on the first day at 12:00 and end on the last day around 15:00.
Airport service is only available on the first and last days of camp. Any questions about flights please email us before booking.
We recommend that all Traveling Campers download and install Whatsapp to be able to communicate directly with the staff who will be at the airport picking you up. Sometimes there are flight delays and this makes life super easy to have direct contact with the arriving camper! Uani +34 681 63 80 57


Fresh for 2020 we’ve updated and bettered your Scooter Camp experience! Our new house/location comes fully equipped with a 5 Star restaurant were all our delicious Ecologically, Locally sourced Food will be prepared. The space is enormous and keeping with our philosophy, totally surrounded by nature! We have a giant Swimming Pool, large cinema room, free spaces for lots of Games, and fun practice rails for games of SCOOT. We will be sleeping in Brand new, Fully Equipped Bungalows with Air conditioning, and electricity. Each has a very warm, cozy bed and comes fully ready to drop off your stuff and go ride! Each bungalow sleeps 4 so if you come together in groups you can request to all sleep together! Just let us know!

Private rooms are not available.

Campers who sign up should be accustomed to this sleeping style 2 – 4 per room.

All Meals are prepared as ordered by the camper during the registration process.

All water, daily snacks, all means, and fruits will be provided by Scooter Camp.

Parents who are wishing to come down to the Camp with their children are welcome! We recommend that you book at Air B and B or hotel in the town called Archidona which is less than 5 minutes drive from the Camp house. Parents are welcome to come to the camp every single morning before we leave to start our day. We don’t have accommodations for parents at our camp house. The days start early around 8:30/9 and end around 9/10 on the evenings! Parents are welcome to come by at night as well but its a lot more complicated in the evenings after a long day. As always we can stay in constant contact with parents to update where we are and when we will return to the house.

The house is located here for you point of reference.  

2021 GPS coming ASAP

How old must the Camper be?

Both boys and girls who are 13 years or older are welcome to the camp! Any camper under the age of 13 is required to contact us before signing up. The reason being is that younger kids under the age of 13 normally cannot travel on airplanes alone! In the past we have had campers with 10/11 years old but the parents had to make special arrangements with the airline companies before buying their tickets. If you wish you register your child who is younger than 13 years old please email us before so we can talk directly to you about the whole process.

*Under 13 require a special airport service where a Camp councilor must enter into the airport, pass thru security and meet your child at the door of the airplane.  info@scooter-camp.com

How good do you need to be/skill level?

On every camp there is always a mixture of abilities, however the camps are not really suitable for complete beginners. This means that if you’ve literally just gone out and bought your first scooter, then you might find the camps a bit intensive. Campers should at least be happy with the basics and know how to use a skate park safely. Get in contact if you’re unsure.

What do we need to pack?

-A copy of your European/Countries insurance card
-Strong Sunscreen
-Reusable Water Bottle (most important)
-Bathing suit
-Tooth brush/tooth paste/ toiletries/soap shampoo
-A towel and or beach blanket
-Special medications
– Protection gear / extra parts / wheels and bearings. Please bring your gear even if you might not use it, we are riding 6 days straight, believe us, you’ll be happy that you did.
-Flip flops or beach shoes and Regular shoes for the adventures
-Jacket / Hoodie

Does my child need spending money?

We are the worlds only 100% all inclusive camp which means children only need pocket money if they wish to buy souvenirs, drinks or candy during the skates thru the city. All water, daily snacks, all meals, and fruits will be provided by Scooter Camp every day.

Can we contact our child during Camp?

Yes, of course. These days most children have their own mobile phones anyway but if not you can contact one of the camp organizers Josh +34 610 662 955 or Uani +34 681 63 80 57  We recommend campers all download whatsapp to make communication super easy. Please note that during the days we are very busy so do not be worried if we can not answer our mobiles immediately.

How do we Travel around?

Transportation will be provided all week in a nice new, air-conditioned 55 seater bus. The bus has USB chargers for all the charging needs as well as sometimes, WIFI! But not always! Bus is equipped with seat belts for all and the drives are all chosen by us and professionally licensed and certified. True Tour bus style!


All Campers are required to travel with their European blue insurance card! Other campers from other parts of the world also need to bring with their insurance cards in case. But Scooter Camp will also provide insurance for every single rider of the Camp! So not to worry if anything happens, we are more than prepared!

Daily Activities/ City Tours

We will be traveling thru many beautiful cities in Southern Spain. Some cities we will do group skates and others we will just walk and be tourists!! We will have a full staff around at all times ensuring that the groups stay together and no one wonders off alone ever. Campers are not allowed to go to shops and buy things alone, They will always be accompanied by Camp Staff Adults. We will be visiting many beaches, and fresh water lakes. Children should know how to swim. We will do some small adventures and walks thru the mountains visiting ancient megalithic ruins and other outdoor activities! Proper Shoes should be worn, flip flops are not allowed during the days of walking in the mountains.

See you at the airport! #scootercampfamily #wishyouwerehere

Info on Children Under 13 Traveling Alone



Do i have to wear pads?

Yes Pads are required. Your riding for 6 days straight you’ll be happy you had them!

No Helmet = No Camp

Terms, Conditions and Rules


What if I’ve made my reservation for this year but i can’t join for whatever reason?

If your unable to join us after you’ve made your reservation don’t worry, well simply move it to another week that fits your schedule better!

*In the event of any sanitary disaster, crisis or government mandated change of policy, we will not cancel camp, we will move your current reservation to the next available camp date.

We recommend that you book your flights with Travel Insurance.

Camp Requirements

  1. Camer should know how to swim. You will not be forced to swim but we will be around lakes, rivers and beaches daily.
  2. You should be prepared to sleep comfortably sharing a space with 2 to 4 people.
  3. Must be over the age of 13. Under 13 WELCOME BUT please contact us before registering. All ages are invited but with a few special details to discuss before!
  4. Helmets are 100% – all the time required – no questions asked. No helmet No camp. We do not have extra helmets. It maybe possible to find you or even purchase one from the local shop but we will not be visiting any skate shops during the camp. Let us know if you don’t have one but please make the arrangements before camps starts.
  5. The camps are not suitable for real beginners.This means that if you’ve literally just gone out and bought your first pair of skates, then you might find the camps a bit intensive.”
  6. We recommend that you book your flights with Travel Insurance.
  7. If you have any medical conditions, even the smallest you are required to disclose it, which means tell us in detail what it is. In some cases doctors notice may be required. We are not certified medical professionals.
  8. You must bring your medicines even if you don’t take them regularly, bring them “in-case”.
  9. Bring your extra parts, wheels, bearings, tools. We don’t have them here.

2021 Virus Update

  • Your 100% safe here at camp. We ran our 2020 camp last year during the “most intense” moment of the pandemic with out having any issues or problems. YES NOT ONE! All flights arrived and departed without issues. All riders came and left healthier than before. We had over 100 riders join us from 10 countries all with magnificent results.
  • We go above and beyond the outlined “safety measures.”
  • We super charged the diets with even more fresh fruits and vegetables to power up your natural immune system.
  • The week is full of exercising in full sun light. That’s lots of vitamin D.
  • Lots of contact with fresh air, mountains and nature.
  • Lots of beaches, lakes and fresh water.
  • Not mention full of laughs and positive vibes.
  • We will provide all the masks and gels needed for the week.
  • All our activities, meals, and skating are preformed Spaces in the open air.
  • We have an even larger bus to provide extra space for everyone.
  • The bus is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • We have extra staff personal working behind the scenes to makes sure your safe.

Important note:

If you/ your child have any medical conditions, even the smallest, please send us the doctors notice NOW of what it is. You must bring your medicines even if you don’t take them regularly, bring them “in case”. We are here to make sure everyone is safe and enjoying this beautiful experience. The more we know before, the better we can help in any situation. Our staff is well trained, experienced professionals and work year round with kids and young adults, were pros at this, but we are not trained medical professionals.

*We hold the right to decline or reject anyone’s registration.

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