Sara – Mom – Netherlands

“The camp turned out to be one of the best experiences my son ever had. He learned about healthy food and listened because it wasn’t me telling him. He enjoyed his freedom in a very safe environment with young men who are extremely responsible. This staff blew my mind, they were an example for young boys by being real, responsible and very positive. My son came back a better person, his performance at school is so much better since camp, he is positive and repectful to others. He suddenly realized my role as a mother and my relationship with him improved a lot. I am thankful for the remarkable energy and love these guys put into guiding the kids! My son said camp was his best experience ever and he wouldnt miss it ever again. So he got a little job to pitch in and make sure he can go next summer! Thanks guys! Greetz”

Lyn – Mom – Scotland

“My son has attended camp two years in a row and he has always loved the experience, the encouragement and personal 1-1 lessons from the guys. The camp is also great for establishing new relationships and friendships. Josh and all the team have the best nature’s and I loved how they incorporate healthy eating and new experiences for children and young people such as yoga. They are a conscientious bunch of guys, work to a good schedule and look after the young people in their care very well.
I have always accompanied my son from Scotland to Malaga and stayed in the Malaga area whilst he has been at camp, however I would not hesitate sending him independently to the next camp as you build trust very quickly with the leaders and would trust they would be punctual for airport pic ups, drop off and look after your child’s wellbeing to a high standard. I would therefore feel comfortable leaving my child in their care they are attentive and nurturing. My son has thoroughly enjoyed the camps he has so far attended and he gained a lot of confidence and pleasure from them.”

Katherine – Mom – Belgium

“For my 15 year old boys I was pretty OK. The only thing that worried me a bit was the fact they had to fly on their own. But everything was handled great by Josh, I was in touch with him via WhatsApp and I knew straight away he met them at the airport. For my 10 year old daughter at the girls camp I obviously was more worried… I flew with her to Málaga, rented a small car and booked a great Air B&B in the village Archidona. The plan was for me to visit Kate (my daughter ) every morning and evening…In the end I got exactly 15 minutes per day from her 🙂 She was too busy enjoying herself to still have to think about mum! Everyone was absolutely great! You can tell that it is a true community. This might look like a tough sport, but the campers are really friendly and caring! And so is the staff. Another thing I heard from my kids was that the food was absolutely yummie! I find really great as well is the fact they get to know people from so many different backgrounds and cultures in one week. In this era I think it’s really important to have kids with open minds and spirits, This Camp helps with this. And also, they are away from mobiles and laptops, doing sports. They all 3 want to go again next year!”

Jippe – 10 – Netherlands

“I have been 4 years riding, i learned how to spin better, jumping in to quarter pipes and lots more! All the instructors were super friendly and nice to everyone. I hope to come back to this every year! Malaga rocks and I hope i will return next year!!”

Youri – 15 – Holland

” I have been riding for 4 years and after the Camps i have more self-confidence and i learned to 450 spin!! I made friends with all the campers!! My favorite moment was that i saw all the people having fun it was just like a big family. I will come back next year! LEKKER STROOPJE!!!!”

Mauro – 18 – Switzerland

We are a family and it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad or if you are young or old. We are a family! I made many new friends, actually everyone is my new friend and we still keep in touch together. All the coaches were super cool! My favorite moment was actually the entire week 🙂 because it was just so nice to spend time together and to have fun. The food was quite good and every day there was something new and already ready when we came back from the park! Not only will i come back next year but I will I will come back as long as this amazing camp exist! This Camp was the best experience in my entire life and I recommend everyone to join the gang at least once in your life! It was just incredible to meet and learn from professional ridders and the atmosphere through the week was just so amazing. Thank you for making this possible!”

Antoine – 14 – France

 “I’ve been riding for about 1 year. I learned some spins, gaps, grinds and wheeling. I made a lot of friends and all the instuctors were so cool that  i can’t choose my favorite one!! I will certainly come every year if i can!”

Finn – 11- Holland

“I learned to spin faster and some new grinds, I made a lot of new friends from different countries. All the instructors were great!! I will come back next year!! Thanks to all the camper and coaches!”

Lewis – 18 – England

I only knew a few people when I got to Malaga but I quickly made friends with some really cool people from all over Europe. All of the dudes were sick, crazy tricks went down, they all did amazing to keep us all happy and create amazing memories for all of us! My favorite moment other than the skating was the Camino del Reyes as I was really scared of heights but managed to go on a walk through the canyon and then the cliff dive! As a photographer the views were a sick bonus too. My favorite food was definitely the Paella we had on the first day, it’s one of my favorite meals so it was sweet for me. My favorite skatepark was the one we went to on the last night, Fuengirola, I loved the ledges there and it was just a sick session all round. Of course I’m coming back next year!!! Other than that I want to say a massive thanks to the entire camp staff who made this happen! Oh and shout out to the WZA blade guys, Lewis, Reece, Olly, Conor, Danny, the other Lewis (other than me and Brad.”

Reuben – 13 – Scotland

“I have been riding for 6 years! I learned some new gaps and grinds at new great skateparks with a lot of new friends! All the coaches were equally as nice and kind and inspirational! My most memorable moment was probably arriving up to see the swimming pool and the view of the house we stayed at! I loved the Malaga Rock skatepark. I think the camp was very well organized and all the people and food at the camp where great and also it’s perfect for any age of ridders… so yeah it was sick and I can’t wait for next year !!!”

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